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Crew Worker – Public Works

Company: Village of Hinsdale
Category: Maintenance


Type: Full Time

The Village of Hinsdale seeks a Crew Worker to join their team. Has a great starting rate and could be more depending on experience. This position performs a variety of maintenance and repair tasks appropriate to the particular assigned function. May rotate to any Public Services division including, but not limited to, roadway, water/sewer, forestry, horticulture/parks and building maintenance. Job Duties:

  • Maintains and repairs streets and roadways. Performs asphalt and concrete repair, pothole repair, crack filling. Cuts pavement, digs area, shovels, smooths, rolls asphalt.
  • Applies traffic control stripes and crosswalks. Grades shoulder gravel. Clears roadway during and after hazardous weather. Maintains street signs.
  • Performs snow and ice removal from streets and sidewalks.
  • Performs parkway restoration such as maintaining and repairing streetscape and landscape treatments requiring debris removal, mowing, weed whipping, planting, pruning, seeding, fertilizing, brick and cement work, irrigation installations and repairs.
  • Performs tree planting, pruning, and removal on Village property and parkways. Plants new trees and mulches. Prunes and trims trees to ensure safety of residents while complying with proper Forester instructions for proper tree growth. Removes trees by cutting down in whole or in piece depending on size and location of tree.
  • Maintains right-of-way turf and ornamental landscaping. Mows, weeds, prunes, mulches, waters as required. Restores parkways after maintenance repair activities.
  • Performs brush/trash collection. Operates truck for brush/trash collection and manually picks up brush and loads in chipper.
  • Restores roadways and parkways after maintenance repair activities.
  • Performs set-up, break-down, and clean-up for Village events, festivals and functions including setting up stages, making trash boxes, putting out barricades, putting up banners, and breaking down/cleaning up same at completion of festival.
  • Installs and removes holiday decorations on ground, in trees, on light poles, etc.
  • Assembles and maintains streetscape furniture including park benches and trash receptacles.
  • Works as flagger for crew working in traffic.
  • Inspects, maintains and monitors water/sewer pumps, filters. Maintains repairs and replaces valves, hydrants and meters.
  • Installs, maintains and repairs water meters. Assists in meter reading. Performs meter turn on/offs.
  • Repairs water main breaks. Performs excavating, trenching and shoring.
  • Operates all tools and equipment needed to perform job duties while adhering to all safety rules and practices. Reports all accidents and injuries according to Village Safety policy and procedure.
  • Responds to inquiries and complaints, responds to emergencies and resolves service requests.