Posted 3 weeks ago

Feeder Packer

Company: Graphic Packaging International
Category: Manufacturing

 Carol Stream

Type: Full Time

Graphic Packaging seeks a Feeder Packer to join their team. The person who occupies this position is responsible for assuming all production duties performed by feeder (feed flat cartons into gluing/paneling machines), catcher (remove product from press and pack into cases) and sorter (quality checks on cartons). This person rotates between these manufacturing positions throughout working shift. Responsibilities:

  •  Feeder:
    • Feeder has manufacturing responsibility that glue machinery is continually being fed with proper carton. Feeder takes stacks of cartons from loaded pallet and places them into feeder of machine.
    • Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of area (remove stray cartons, sweep up, etc…). Performed during make ready production.
    • Responsibility that appropriates carton is being fed. Done by checking for variances in box number and collator marks.
    • Responsibility to feed only quality cartons.  Feeder is to fan through stacks of production cartons being fed and check that they have proper color, register and are void of unnecessary markings.
    • Feeder is to observe for machine manufacturing malfunctions and stop glue machine when problems arise.  Feeder uses mirror to detect malfunctions.  Feeder is also to be aware of signals from operator or catcher to stop and start machine.
  •  Catcher:
    • Removes the finished folded cartons from the press and packs them into cases.
    • Responsibility that appropriates carton is being packed: Done by checking item and job number on carton with job label being used in production.
    • Responsibility that only quality products are packed. Catcher is to check that cartons have proper color, register and are void of unnecessary markings.
    • Responsibility that proper count of production cartons are packed into case. Catcher is to hand count the first case of each different product being packed.
    • Packed production cartons are to be pushed on rollers through taping machine to the pad locker.
    • Responsible for maintenance of manufacturing area. Performed during make ready.