Posted 2 weeks ago

Product Safety and Compliance Engineer

Company: Chervon
Category: Compliance, Engineering, Safety


Type: Full Time

Chervon seeks a Product Safety and Compliance Engineer to join their team. This role will interface with end users to understand any escalated product safety issues. This task area involves an understanding of product liability, and insight into insurance company practices. In some cases, travel to visit sites related to damage to property or personal injury may be necessary.
This role will also interface with retail and dealer customers to ensure their compliance and product safety needs are met. This activity may include special requests for their own internal requirements or supporting compliance and safety cases related to their organizations. More routine activities including the support of compliance records and product set-up is required.
Product Safety reviews for select products are expected in the pre-production phase of a new product introduction. This task area involves identification of safety risk before the product introduction. Close coordination is required with the R&D, product marketing, and project management functions to make the product a success. Responsibilities:

  • Battery recycling program leadership. Work with recycling partners to ensure compliance, review contracts, support payments, and record and present metrics.
  • Hazardous material support. At the product level, apply knowledge of known regulatory standards such as Proposition 65, to ensure compliance and provide compliance information to external customers.
  • Safety escalation ownership. Manage safety escalations. Track safety cases from initial reporting through conclusion. Maintain tracking document and work with cross-functional teams to drive decisions related to product disposition and corrective actions.
  • Root cause analysis and corrective actions. Work alongside Quality team for investigations related to safety cases to identify root causes and support implementation of corrective actions.
  • Failure Mode Analysis. Support review of physical products that are the subject of safety or damage to property cases. Create failure mode reporting of the subject Chervon items, and in some cases, provide additional reporting relating to the customer use and environment for which the product(s) were used. Attend on-site investigations as needed.
  • Retail and Dealer safety escalation support. Become key contact for retail and dealer accounts for escalations. Provide deliverables for their own internal safety escalation process.
  • PTI and OPEI Support. Become key Chervon member within Power Tool Institute and Outdoor Power Equipment Institute trade groups. Represent Chervon’s interests as a voice in these trade groups and serve on working groups and sub-committees most relevant to those interests.
  • Product safety reviews. Apply safety risk analysis for select high risk products. Provide report and follow through until product launch.
  • Packaging and logistics support. Work alongside packaging and logistics team to understand compliance topics, particularly related to batteries. Work on select projects to support compliance topics.
  • Safety testing. Support the development of test methods related to product safety. Work along Quality and Test Lab team members to develop test fixtures when needed.
  • Expert witness. It is possible that this role represents Chervon in a court of law in cases of product liability.
  • Take ownership of CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) reporting for escalated safety cases and respond to public complaints.