Posted 3 weeks ago

Recreation Therapy Positions

Company: DuPage County
Category: Healthcare


Type: Full Time, Part Time

DuPage County has Recreation Therapy positions available at their Kenneth Moy DuPage Care Center. Check them out below and apply! 

  • Recreation Therapy Coordinator (Full Time)
    Responsibilities include: 

    • Researches, develops, implements and directs therapeutic recreational programs 
    • Creates an activities calendar on a monthly basis as assigned
    • Adapts and modifies recreation therapy programs to provide successful outcomes
    • Provides environmental enhancements during activity down times to increase stimulation
    • Ensures resident safety during recreation therapy sessions
    • Manages a monthly budget
    • Purchases materials and supplies needed to carry out monthly activities
    • Supervises residents and volunteers during activities which may include assistance in transporting, feeding and providing other personal needs to the residents
    • Participates in care plan meetings with residents and families to assure quality care
    • Completes state and federally mandated documentation
    • Assesses each individual resident with regard to needs for leisure and adaptive equipment
    • Provides discharge plans for community re-entry by researching agency and resource information
    • Performs one-on-one  assessments with residents unable to participate in group activities
    • Participates in fund raising activities directly related to the department
    • Assists with all-house activities as needed
    • Participates in facility-wide quality improvement initiatives and projects
  • Recreation Therapy Aide (Part Time)
    Responsibilities include:

    • Protect wander risk residents from exiting assigned programs, and  monitor behaviors and fall risk residents
    • Assess resident’s skills and interests and plan and conduct leisure activities accordingly
    • Provide individualized attention and encouragement in the involvement of activities
    • Assist with in-house transportation, feeding and other personal needs of the residents on outings
    • Assist in the maintenance and storage of special equipment for recreational activities
    • Document attendance for individualized resident activities