Posted 2 weeks ago

Shipper – Forklift Driver

Company: Graphic Packaging International
Category: Warehousing

 Carol Stream

Type: Full Time

Graphic Packaging International seeks a Shipper/Forklift Driver to join their team. The person who occupies this position is responsible for coordinating the shipping of produced finished materials. The following is a list of specific duties which are considered the essential manufacturing functions of this job.

  • Shipping Lead is responsible for making appropriate manufacturing arrangements to ship finished materials.
    • Is to inform Material Handler to assign/move materials to shipping dock or assign Jeep Driver to do it.
    • Responsible for coordinating deliveries of production materials to be shipped.
  • Responsible for manufacturing verification of materials being shipped (Shipping Lead has responsibility that materials being shipped are in fact the materials that were ordered by customer). Done by use of manufacturing bar scanner and transmitter, shipping checks that bar codes, shipping numbers on product are same as on release order.
  • When necessary, Shipping Lead is to perform duties of Jeep Driver:
    • Is to retrieve loaded pallets of folded cartons from finishing area and transport them to shipping area.
    • Is to wrap loaded pallets with plastic wrap: Shipping Lead places load onto “shrink wrapping” machinery and attaches beginning of wrap to load. Production machinery automatically wraps load.
    • Is to load finished material onto outgoing trucks.
      • Note: Shipping Lead performs duties of Jeep Driver approximately 30 to 90% of working shift varying on needs of Shipping Department.
    • Responsible for maintaining the general cleanliness of manufacturing work area. Is to sweep up and remove unnecessary production debris.