Roll Call/Establish Quorum

  • Board Chair Alan Mindlin presided over the meeting. The meeting was called to order at 7:33am. Roll call was taken and a membership quorum was present.

Members Present

Alan Mindlin
Amit Mehta
Amy King
Anna Cobb
Beatris Gonzalez
Bernadette Szczepanski
Calvin Giles
Carol Simler
Christine Torres
Lisa Dixon
Marilyn Liwanag
Paul Seputis
Tiffany Rotondo
Dan Allen
Dan Deasy
Helen Orellana
Ian Hardie
Jane Clark
John Carpenter
Joseph Cassidy
Kate Wollensak
Laura Crawford
Mary Keating
Michelle Arnold
Penny Clancy
Tom Chesna

Members Absent

Barb Szczepaniak
Darlene Ruscitti
Diana Robinson
Frank Raimondi
Henry Zurawski
Mike Kish
Tom Wendorf
Tonia Khouri
Diana Robinson
Frank Raimondi
Henry Zurawski
Mike Kish
Mike Zimmerman

Others Present

Jamie Brown
Lisa Schvach
David Sabathne
David Douglas

Public Comment

  • There was no public comment.

Review of June 22, 2018 minutes

  • Motion to approve by John Carpenter
  • Second by Dan Allen
  • All ayes, motion APPROVED

Chair's Report

Youth Incentive Policy
Lisa reviewed the updated youth incentive policy. This policy outlines the incentives available for the eligible youth in the Center. Lisa commented that workNet has had success serving youth with disabilities and this will be a focus of the youth programming moving forward.

  • Motion to Approve by Dan Allen
  • Second by Dan Deasy
  • All ayes, motion APPROVED


Youth Contracts
Jamie informed the group that the youth RFP process has been completed and providers have been selected to administer in-school and out-of-school youth programming. The RFP review team proposes contracts for the following:

In-School Youth

  • Parents Alliance Employment Project- Proposal to serve 11 youth with disabilities
    • Contract total: $74,687.25

Out-of-School Youth

  • First Institute Training and Management- Proposal to serve 12 youth (welding program)
    • Contract total: $120,000
  • Outreach Community Services-Proposal to serve 30 youth
    • Contract total: $215,000
  • Parents Alliance Employment Project- Proposal to serve 8 youth
    • Contract total: $74,025.71
  • Motion to Approve by Calvin Giles
  • Second by Amy King
  • All ayes, motion APPROVED

Workforce Board Foundation Update

Jamie provided an update on the status of the Workforce Board Foundation. Jamie explained that she spoke with an attorney who has expertise in the area of 501(c)(3) and not-for profit organizations. The attorney advised that the Foundation does not need to be dissolved, the Foundation still has its not-for-profit status and the attorney advised keeping the funds in the Foundation and spending them in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation. The Foundation can still accept donations, but they are not tax deductible. The governing body of the Foundation is the Executive Committee and is required to meet annually to ensure compliance. A suggestion was made to re-file for 501(c) (3) status, but since the Board will not be actively fundraising, the plan moving forward will be to maintain the funds. The monies in the Foundation can be utilized to fund projects that are not allowable with WIOA funds.

WARN Report

Jamie reviewed the WARN report. There have been some retail, IT and banking layoffs, but many people have reported that they are securing employment.

WIOA Fiscal Report

Joe Cassidy reviewed the fiscal report, as of 7/31/18. As of 7/31/18, virtually all monies from PY17 have been expended which meets the 80% expenditure requirement. The other requirement that will be in effect for PY18 is that 50% of funds are spent on direct training and the Center has already met this requirement. Lisa further explained how the Trade monies are allocated and spent. PY18 began July 1, 2018, and the budget for PY18 has been approved by DCEO and will be going to the County Board for approval next month. The PY18 allocation is 4.9 million, which is a decrease from PY18, however Lisa was able to cut costs so that the decreased in funding does not impact the operations of the Center negatively.

workNet DuPage Update

Lisa informed the group that workNet has signed onto a grant with the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership. The Construction Works grant which was issued by the Illinois Tollway is designed to increase women and minorities in the construction industry/trades.  The goal is to create a talent pipeline in the region.  workNet will receive approximately $55,000 to cover staff costs for this grant.

One-Stop-Operator Update

Dave provided the OSO update. The Navigators have been utilizing the online questionnaire to determine what services are appropriate for clients who come into the center. For the month of March, approximately 900 clients received services in the Center across all Partner agencies. Some of these are duplicates, 300 new clients received services in the Center. Dave is also working to develop texting methodologies to increase participation in the Center. He is still working on various tracking solutions.

Yolobe Presentation

David Douglas presented information on Yolobe. Yolobe is an app for youth that connects them to training programs, education, jobs, internships and more.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 a.m.