People with Disabilities

If you have a disability, whether visible or invisible, we can assist you during your job search. Having a disability doesn’t preclude you from accessing our career services.

Our center is equipped with assistive technology to accommodate a variety of disabilities.

Some ways we can support you:

Helping you build confidence

by focusing on your unique assets

Offering guidance

on workplace accommodations

Referring you

to other helpful resources such as job coaching

Connecting you

with disability-friendly employers

Common Questions from People with Disabilities

When in the application process is it best to disclose my disability? In my cover letter, resume, or later in the interview process?

Individuals are not required to disclose information regarding their disability while going through a job hiring processes. However, many experts advise individuals to disclose information regarding their disability if it will impact their job performance, as this will help to create openness and a positive working relationship. Each individual and situation is different and may call for different processes of disclosure. Typically individuals wait till the last interview before disclosing information related to an illness or disability. It's ultimately an ethical decision that experts say must be made individually.

Connect with our center to discuss these and other questions with a career counselor.