Ensure a good first impression

Our tips to help you get acclimated to a new job

Shorten the learning curve. Master the position’s responsibilities as quickly as possible. Ask questions and find people who can show you the ropes.

Get to know your supervisor, colleagues and staff – set up meetings with coworkers and support staff, go out to lunch with your supervisor to develop a professional and personal rapport as well as learn about the organization.

Be a team player. Look at the big picture and volunteer for assignments beyond your specific portion of a project. (Example: If an opportunity to serve on a committee occurs, offer your services.)

Study the culture. Tune in to the subtle cues about your new employer’s business environment, from policies and procedures to how your colleagues interact.

Become indispensable. Exceed performance expectations. Arrive early and, when you can, stay as late as it takes to complete a project. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Be diplomatic. Tread lightly when offering opinions for making improvements, especially in the first few weeks, to avoid alienating your colleagues. Before making suggestions, discuss the reasons behind the existing policies. Research and gather data by talking to key players; evaluate your findings in an effort to see the whole picture.

Study management’s style. How do the managers interact with their employees? Adapt your communication style accordingly.

Follow the leader. Emulate the business and interpersonal styles of the most successful professionals. Your employer is likely to value these qualities highly.

Record your achievements. Create a separate file of your successes. Include project reports, complimentary notes or memos from supervisors, awards and other evidence of accomplishments. You may need this record for a performance or salary review or your next job search.

Best of luck! We're rooting for your continued success!

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