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We receive job leads directly from businesses that are hiring in DuPage County. See the most recent listings here.

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Join us select Friday mornings for virtual job search workshops. All are welcome.

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If you were laid off or furloughed, visit our From Layoff to Launch page.

Job Search Workshops

With our hallmark Boot Camp and menu of workshops covering interviewing, negotiating and resume writing, you’ll find great advice and tips.

Career Counseling

Eligible individuals may receive career planning assistance from a team of skilled and supportive career development specialists.

Resource Center

Get free access to computers, WiFi, copiers, fax machines, and printers. You can also login to our paid job search subscription services, including the AtoZ databases, to research employers.


Learn about the resources and support networks available to you as a veteran in DuPage County. At our job search workshops, we can show you how best to translate your military skills and experience in a resume and during interviews. We’ll also help you connect with employers who value your experience.

Job Seekers with Disabilities

If you have a disability, whether visible or invisible, we can assist you during your job search. Our one-stop center is home to several organizations that are here to serve you.

Laid Off Workers

If you lost your job in a recent layoff, you are eligible for some of the federally-funded services provided through the workNet DuPage Career Center, including a possible $10,000 grant for upgrading your skills or certification

What people are saying about workNet DuPage:

Everybody at the center is always there for me and available when I have questions. This process has been an amazing experience and I would recommend to anyone looking to make changes or in need of assistance to reach out to them.

Marilyn T.

Since my experience with workNet, my life has improved drastically. The new position and life balance it has provided has given me the opportunity to return to college to finish my degree. On-the-job training continues and I am constantly improving my skills.

Beth H.

Deb Hoffman and the entire workNet DuPage Career Center team have been very helpful and definitely set me up for success … by allowing me to obtain additional skills to be more marketable putting me heads and shoulders above the competition!

Eric Rivera

The workNet DuPage Career Center helped me land on my feet after I decided I needed to make a career change. I had previously been working in retail management and my desire to learn and develop new skills was not being met.

Liliana R.

Before workNet, finding a career seemed like a brick wall. I now have an education and career I can be proud of.

Jeremy Driscoll

workNet was instrumental in providing the necessary tools and information for performing a successful job search and in obtaining the critical certifications that companies required.

John Hoekstra

I was able to use the on-the-job training program to secure an IT position that offered hands-on training and development. I am now working as a technician taking on new responsibilities every day, but most importantly doing work I enjoy.

Farhan V.

Your team and organization have been so great and supportive to help me and the community. I now know the power of networking and how helpful people can be.

Sneha P

“Thank you for finding and forwarding job leads my way while I was looking for work.”

Craig W. was laid off after 7+ years as Vice President of I.T. at a local corporation. He attended our Boot Camp and has now landed a new position as computer user support specialist.

Craig W.

I thought I knew it all until I went to Jim’s Job Search Bootcamp. Not only were the topics relevant for today’s job market, but Jim presents these sometimes-boring topics in an engaging matter that prevents you from zoning out. Jim sparked my inner self so that I had the confidence to go outside my comfort zone and approach business associates in upper management.

Lois A. Lane-Kornbrot

Without workNet DuPage, I would have never considered going back to college … Now here I am walking to receive my AAS-Management degree this May 19th with my daughter who is completing her AFA-Music degree … I may be one of the oldest students there, but I’ll be the proudest.

Patricia Posavec

Your program was a blessing and the presentations were great.

After 30 years of employment at the same company, William L. was laid off from an international manufacturing company in the western suburbs of Chicago. After attending our Boot Camp and Job Clubs, he was able to find a new job at a local employer as a maintenance technician.  

William L.

After nearly 8 months of this job transition, I have landed a position and start next Monday at a company up in Schaumburg. workNet DuPage has been invaluable for me during this job transition period. 

David B.

Before Jennifer helped me I only had 2 companies call me back for an interview. Since December I had three calls for interviews and one of those resulted in a job offer yesterday. My counselor, Marianne, asked what changed in December. I had to think, and I said it was most likely the change in my resume that you helped me make. While I hated removing the older parts of my resume because it showed some of my best work, that section made me look too old. So you were right!

Phil J.

Tips and Resources

We have created a wealth of resources to assist you in your career development, including how-to guides, samples and advice on resumes, interviewing skills, negotiating and more! Use these pages to learn essential tips and strategies to help you navigate your job search.


Your resume is often the first impression you make on employers. It needs to stand out. We can offer strategies to get noticed and into the "yes" pile.


Interviewing is a skill and practice makes perfect. Put your best foot forward and avoid common mistakes.


Everything you need to understand the art of negotiating salary and benefits is here.


You got the job! Ensure a great first impression and get acclimated to the new position with these helpful pointers.

Upcoming Events

Jul 30
Career Conversations: Opportunities in Manufacturing – Robotics/Automation

This conversation in our in-demand career series explores robotics and automation in the manufacturing industry.

Aug 10
From Layoff to Launch FREE Webinar

Take back some control over your career. Join us Tuesdays for From Layoff to Launch, a FREE Webinar that highlights proven resources to help DuPage County residents laid-off or furloughed successfully navigate this challenging time.

Aug 13
Opportunities in Non-Profits
Aug 24
From Layoff to Launch FREE Webinar

Take back some control over your career. Join us Tuesdays for From Layoff to Launch, a FREE Webinar that highlights proven resources to help DuPage County residents laid-off or furloughed successfully navigate this challenging time.

Aug 27
Using Community Resource to Find Job Opportunities

Learn how to use local community resources to find a business, find a person, and find a job.