Roll Call/Establish Quorum

Chair Tiffany Rotondo presided over the meeting. The meeting was called to order at 7:31 a.m. Roll call was taken and a membership quorum was present.

Members Present

Dan Allen
Michelle Arnold
Penny Clancy
Jane Clark
Anna Cobb
Dan Deasy
Lisa Dixon
Calvin Giles
Beatris Gonzalez
Ian Hardie
Mary Keating
Amy King
Marilyn Liwanag (Hector Grau)
Lisa Miceli
Alan Mindlin
Diana Robinson
Tiffany Rotondo
Barry Saltzman
Paul Seputis
Barb Szczepaniak (Marianne Considine)
Christine Torres (Dan Curran)
Kate Wollensak
Hank Zurawski (Terry Jarman)

Members Absent

Carol Simler
Darlene Ruscitti
Helen Orellana
Joseph Cassidy
Laura Crawford
Mike Zimmerman
Tom Chesna
Tom Wendorf
Tonia Khouri
Mike Kish

Others Present

Jamie Brown
Lisa Schvach
David Sabathne

Public Comment

  • There was no public comment.

Review of March 27, 2019 minutes

  • Motion to approve by Mary Keating            
  • Second by Amy King
  • All ayes, motion APPROVED

Training Provider Certifications

Jamie presented the training provider certifications. The price of UTI’s existing approved programs increased slightly. Two programs at COD are proposed for renewal, the Medical Office Certificate and Operating Room Patient Care Technician Certificate.  

  • Motion to approve by Mary Keating
  • Second by Alan Mindlin
  • Recusals for COD programs by Dan Deasy and Ian Hardie for UTI programs
    • All ayes, motion APPROVED

WIOA Fiscal Report

Lisa presented the fiscal report. The fiscal year ends 6/30/19, total obligations for the funding streams are as follows:


Direct Training expenditures are currently at 53%, the projection for the remainder of the PY is 59%. Incentive grant money will be utilized to upgrade the servers and pay for the website upgrade. All other grants have been virtually spent down at this point, CSBG monies will be utilized for the RAMP Up initiative.

WARN Report

Jamie presented the WARN report. Nokia continues to lay off workers who are all eligible for the TAA program. Comcast has a pending lay off, however it has been difficult to reach the HR department. Retail layoffs continue as well. The Rapid Response liaison has been working to connect with laid off workers.

Lisa also mentioned that there is a manufacturer in Glendale Heights that the Center just received notification on as well.

The retail layoffs continue to present challenges, as it has been hard to reach the workers. Tiffany asked how the Board can assist with gaining access to workers. One idea is to request support from DCEO as it relates to the retail layoffs. One suggestion is to have the Board draft a letter to DCEO requesting assistance in this area. Social media is another great way to reach affected employees as well. Diana suggested drafting a letter to the IWIB to bring attention to the issues faced when trying to reach these workers.   

One-Stop-Operator Update

Dave presented the OSO report. He reviewed the number of client visits, counselor appointments and populations served by the Center.

workNet DuPage Update

Lisa reviewed the budget for the next program year. The program year runs from 7/1/19-6/30/20. One of the initiatives of the Center continues to be to drive the exposure of the Center in the community. The allocations for the next program year were released and LWIA 6 received a 200K increase in funds. Total allocation for the next program year is just over 5M. There was an increase in 1D dollars due to the number of WARN events in DuPage County.

Lisa discussed the data the group discussed as it relates to expenditures by industry and numbers of clients served. The average cost per client is around 4K.

The group discussed ROI and strategies on how to determine ROI for clients who have received training. The group is interested in more data around ROI and Jamie will reach out to the group to form a data group.

Lisa was contacted by the Metropolitan Planning Council, there is a call scheduled around transportation models in LWIA6. Lisa and Jamie will debrief the group after the call.

Conference Debrief

Michelle Arnold attended a conference on working with individuals with disabilities and briefed the group. Lisa informed Michelle that PAEP would be able to provide assistance in this area if needed.

Survey Results

The group has an interest in having the core partners speak about the services they provide. Service Integration is an essential component of the WIOA law. Mary suggested that Parents Alliance Employment Project coming in to speak about their programming. Dan Allen brought up an upcoming apprenticeship fair at IBEW 701 in Warrenville. Jamie will share the flyer with the group.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 a.m.