Roll Call/Establish Quorum

    • Chair Kate Wollensak presided over the meeting. The meeting was called to order at 7:32am. Roll call was taken, and a membership quorum was present.

Members Present

Kevin Bass
Penny Clancy
Dan Deasy
Jim Gamache
Calvin Giles
Ian Hardie
TJ Jarman
Marilyn Liwanag
Tiffany Rotondo
Barry Saltzman
Bernie Szczepanski
Tom Wendorf
Joseph Cassidy
Laura Crawford
Jeff Feucht
Susan Ryan
Beatris Gonzalez
Tamryn Hennessy
Mary Keating
Nisha Patel
Kim Dolder
Barb Szxzepaniak
Dan Curran (Christine Torres)
Kate Wollensak

Members Absent

Dan Allen
Greg Bedalov
Michelle Einfelt
Patrick Chandler
Jane Clark
Dr. Darlene Ruscitti

Others Present

Jamie Brown
Lisa Schvach
David Sabathn
Garret Rosiek


Public Comment

  • There was no public comment.

Chair's Remarks

  • Chair Wollensak acknowledged Barry Saltzman and Jane Clark who participated in Career Conversations.

Review of the March 24, 2021 minutes

  • Motion to approve slate and minutes with updated attendance by Member Mary Keating
  • Second by Member Rotondo
  • All ayes via roll call vote
  • Motion APPROVED

Training Provider Approvals

Jamie presented two programs for approval.  The first program is the Certified Custodial Technician program that will be administered in the DuPage County jail.  The second program is a renewal of the DevOps program at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

  • Motion to approve by Member Keating
  • Second by Member Rotondo
  • Roll call vote: Nay vote for Member Jarman
  • All other votes in favor via roll call vote
  • Motion APPROVED

MOU Approval

Jamie Brown reviewed the MOU narratives and budget with the group.  The required partners in the center met as a group with and impartial negotiator from the WIB, Ian Hardie.  The group has reached a consensus and the MOU has been sent to the State agencies for signature.  The MOU is due to DCEO by 6/30/21.

  • Motion to approve by Member Keating
  • Second by Member Szczepaniak
  • All ayes via roll call vote
  • Motion APPROVED

One Stop Operator Report

Dave Sabathne presented the OSO Report.  Center traffic is holding steady , customers continue to prefer to meet virtually.


WARN Report

Jamie Brown reviewed the WARN report, there have been some job seekers who have applied for services and the Rapid Response Liaison continues to try to engage companies who have issued a WARN notice.

Fiscal Report

Member Cassidy presented the fiscal report.  The center is on target with all spending metrics.

workNet DuPage Update

Lisa Schvach presented an update on the Center.

Resilient Video

The group viewed a video by Resilient, an entity who was recently awarded a contract to serve Opportunity Youth in DuPage County.

Next Meeting

Chair Wollensak indicated that the next meeting will be a hybrid/in-person hybrid meeting.

Other Business

Member Saltzman expressed interest in leading a workshop for companies on best hiring practices.  Jamie will coordinate with Barry on this topic.


  • Motion to adjourn by Member Rotondo
  • Second by Member Keating
  • All ayes via roll call vote
  • Motion APPROVED

The meeting was adjourned at 8:59am.