We serve job seekers from all different backgrounds and situations. We know that career support that addresses the unique needs and life circumstances of our clients is most helpful. That's why we have resources for specific groups and communities.


Learn about the resources and support networks available to you as a veteran in DuPage County. At our job search workshops, we can show you how best to translate your military skills and experience in a resume and during interviews. We’ll also help you connect with employers who value your experience.

Job Seekers with Disabilities

If you have a disability, whether visible or invisible, we can assist you during your job search. Our one-stop center is home to several organizations that are here to serve you.

Laid Off Workers

If you lost your job in a recent layoff, you are eligible for some of the federally-funded services provided through the workNet DuPage Career Center, including a possible $10,000 grant for upgrading your skills or certification