A series of info-packed workshops

Get fit for finding a job in today's job market!

The workshops cover these topics:

  • Top Strategies for a Successful Job Search
  • Resumes, LinkedIn & Cover Letters
  • Job Interview Skills
  • Negotiation Techniques

Day 1. Kickstart your Job Search

You'll learn: How to find openings and identify your skills and experiences to match the position.

Day 2. Resumes & Applicant Tracking Systems

You'll learn: The effective components of a resume for applicant tracking systems, LinkedIn for your job search and the importance of a cover letter.

Day 3. Making Connections & Interview Preparation

You'll become adept at the components of effective networking, informational interviewing, and how to succeed in phone and in-person interviews.

Day 4. The "Interview"

You'll learn: What employers look for during an interview, types of questions, developing answers for behavioral interviews, and what you should ask employers.

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