Feeling alone in your job search? Let’s talk!

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Looking for a job can feel lonely – especially if you are unemployed. With Let's Talk Job Search it doesn't have to.

Don’t job search alone! Join the Let’s Talk Job Search networking group. 

A place to talk real about finding a job

Let’s Talk Job Search provides a supportive community for job seekers, a place to talk real about finding a job. Attendees learn job search skills, brainstorm specific challenges and encourage goal-setting in a friendly and supportive setting. 

The benefits to joining Let’s Talk Job Search:

  • Build job search skills and strategies
  • Boost your confidence and increase your motivation
  • Make connections for more opportunities to find an “in”
  • Beat the fears and emotional challenges of job searching
  • Share and learn from others


Mary meets Joe at Let's Talk Job Search.

They connect on LinkedIn and share a few contacts.

Mary pursues a connection and lands a new job.

Don’t believe it happens?

We see it all the time. Come find out for yourself.

Let's Talk Job Search is open to everyone.

All that’s required is a hope for success.

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Interact with fellow job seekers, sharpen up your networking skills and get advice from Career Services Staff along the way!

Let's Talk Job Search is a great opportunity to network with other job seekers and share job lead information, as well as to get advice and guidance from professionals at workNet DuPage. Participants support one another offering input, sharing experiences, becoming LinkedIn contacts, and providing words of encouragement.

If you are thinking that the key to success is only speaking to people that are currently employed for job leads think again. As author Van Vreede points out,

“In fact, often employed people are the least likely to help job seekers. It is other job seekers who can empathize, who are more willing to offer assistance. In addition, it is other job seekers who are hearing about leads and exploring opportunities, who are often much more aware of what's going on in the job market as opposed to the employed professional who spends all day working at his or her (virtual) desk.”

Take charge of your future today by joining the conversation at this dynamic meetup group.

Don’t believe it happens?

We see it all the time.