Posted 4 weeks ago

Maintenance Worker

Company: The Community House
Category: Maintenance


Type: Part Time

The Community House seeks a part time Maintenance Worker to do manual and some semi-skilled maintenance work of the interior and exterior of the building. The following are responsibilities of the position:

  • May open or and close the building including opening and unlocking and locking interior and exterior doors, as required.
  • Cleans and maintains interior and exterior of the building including restrooms, gymnasium, kitchen, etc. Cleans glass replaces light bulbs changes soap in dispensers, toilets tissue, and paper towel holders. Cleans vents and performs related work.
  • Moves furniture in and out of rooms; sets up tables, chairs, Audio Visual (AV), coffee/water.
  • Informs supervisor of the need for repairs regarding lighting, heating/cooling, and physical structure.
  • Assists in maintaining the building which may include, but not be limited to, painting, washing walls, washing windows, dusting/polishing furniture, and minor assembly/repairs of equipment.
  • Makes minor electrical repairs to light fixtures, switches, and sockets.
  • Makes minor plumbing repairs such as unclogging toilets and maintaining plumbing fixtures.
  • Removes recycling materials and trash from all designated containers.
  • Helps maintain an orderly atmosphere in the building.
  • Informs supervisor of safety concerns.
  • Removes snow and debris, including litter from adjacent areas surrounding the building.
  • Troubleshoots small electrical and mechanical equipment.