Electrical Technician

What do Electrical Technicians do?

Electronical technicians identify and resolve equipment malfunctions and then work with manufacturers to get replacement parts. They also calibrate and perform preventative maintenance on equipment and systems. These technicians often need to read blueprints, schematic drawings, and engineering instructions for assembling electronic units. They also write reports and record data on testing techniques, laboratory equipment, and specifications. They often work in product evaluation and testing, using measuring and diagnostic devices to adjust, test, and repair equipment.

Average Wage

Experienced Wage

As an Electrical Technician, you will

Assemble, test, and maintain circuitry or electronic components according to engineering instructions and specifications
Build prototypes and calibrate and repair electrical instruments or testing equipment
Design basic circuitry and draft sketches to clarify details of design documentation
Draw diagrams and write specifications
Identify solutions to technical design problems that arise during construction of electrical systems

Training & Educational Opportunities

Electrical technicians typically need some post-secondary course work and/or certification. Some employers may prefer those with an associate degree.  Vocational–technical schools include post-secondary institutions that serve local students and emphasize training needed by local employers.


Training Providers

  • College of DuPage
  • Coyne College
  • Elgin Community College
  • Harper College
  • Joliet Junior College
  • Waubonsee Community College

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Types of Employers

  • Computer manufacturers
  • Engineering firms
  • Scientific research organizations
  • Utility providers

Advancement Opportunities

  • Applied Engineer
  • Department/Group Supervisor
  • E & E Technologist

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