Food Manufacturing Machine Operator

What do Food Manufacturing Machine Operators do?

Factories all across America churn out tons of products in large quantities every day. During the production process, many materials need to be blended or mixed together. These materials could include explosives, chemicals, color pigments, animal feed, a variety of liquids, and even tobacco. Mixing and blending machine operators are the people in charge of using large industrial machines to safely and effectively carry out this blending process. They set up, inspect, tend, and operate the machines. This job may require employees to deal with dangerous materials. Once hired, an employer usually requires up to a year of formal on-site job training before an employee can start work.

Average Wage

Experienced Wage

As a Food Manufacturing Machine Operator, you will

Add or mix chemical and ingredient for processing, using hand tool or other device
Compound or process ingredient or dye, according to formula
Operate machine to mix or blend any of a wide variety of materials including chemicals, food products, color pigments, or explosive ingredients
Stage material, weigh chemical, read, and follow formula for mixing batch

Training & Educational Opportunities

This is an entry-level position that does not require any previous work experience. There is no separate instructional program needed, as all training is conducted on the job. Some employers may want candidates to have demonstrated proficiency in manufacturing technology, either through previous experience or coursework.

Training Providers

While courses in manufacturing technology are beneficial, skills for these positions are usually gained through on-the-job training or apprenticeships.

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Types of Employers

  • Food manufacturers

Advancement Opportunities

  • Chemical Equipment Operator
  • Chemical Technician
  • Injection Molding Machine Operator
  • Waste Treatment Operator