Learn how to use the computer for your job search

No experience with computers? No Problem!  

Basic familiarity with computers is a must for an effective job search. Join us for an introduction to computer basics, taught through a learning platform called Northstar.

We will help get you comfortable and confident using a computer!



Topics that may be covered:

  • Essential computer skills for job search success. 
  • How to use the internet to find job opportunities on job search websites like Indeed, the workNet DuPage Job Board, and company websites.
  • How to create a resume from available templates online. 
  • How to save a resume and upload it when you apply for positions.
  • How to create an email account if you need one and tips for which ones are the best. We will also help you get familiar with the account. 
  • Understand how to use Zoom and Microsoft Teams so that virtual interviews are a breeze.

Upcoming Sessions

There are no upcoming at this time.

All are welcome

This is an excellent opportunity for people who have little experience with computers but would like to start their job search with the confidence they need to succeed.

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At this free workshop open to the public, workNet DuPage can help you set up a free NorthStar account. 

This will allow you to take online, self-guided, basic computer skill assessments to measure mastery of skills in 14 different areas, including Microsoft Word and Excel. You’ll  also have access to free practice exams for credentials such as Project Management Professional, Commercial Driver's License, and Cisco Certified Network Associate.

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