Ace the interview and secure your ideal job

Improve your interview skills at this free workshop open to the public. Don’t go into your job search without practicing first! Take a turn sitting on both sides of the table – as an interviewer and as a job candidate. Gain valuable insight and work through any nerves.

With our Interview Practice Workshop you will:

  • Practice interviews in a friendly and low-stress environment 
  • Get feedback and guidance from professional staff and peers so you'll feel confident walking into that big day
  • Interview others and give them your impressions and feedback
  • Learn how to showcase your unique skills to stand out 
  • Prepare and practice compelling, structured answers for any question using the SPART method 
  • Better understand what employers look for and value during interview 
  • Explore strategies for how to handle challenging or unexpected questions

Upcoming Sessions

Our Interview Practice is open to everyone.


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