Posted 2 weeks ago


Company: Ace Metal Crafts
Category: Manufacturing/Skilled Trades


Type: Full Time

Ace Metal Crafts is seeking a Welder to join their team who will ensure ACE delivers quality welded parts to meet customer expectations. Responsibilities:

  • Develop a work plan that includes the sequence for the overall fabrication and finishing processes, as well as the approach, process and sub-assemblies for completing the work and meeting customer requirements.
  • Responsible for reading blueprints and demonstrating an understanding of geometric tolerances, welding symbols and quality of the required weld using MIG or TIG standards.
  • Responsible for the overall quality of the welding work including distortion and dimensional control and taking corrective actions.
  • Collaborate with engineering as needed to complete the job.
  • Responsible for verifying that the work meets the required quality standards.
  • Participate in visual work instructions development activities as needed.
  • Coordinate with Grinding & Polishing to maintain paperwork and required QC tracking, including routing, documenting critical inspection features, work completed, etc.
  • Responsible for material handling that reflect common manufacturing processes and takes precautions to protect material and finish.
  • Perform daily and ongoing preventative maintenance on welding tools and equipment as required.
  • Maintain calibrated equipment used to verify quality to standards.
  • Participate in QC/continuous improvement processes to increase performance and product quality.