Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics (TDL)

Then a career in the fast growing TDL industry could be for you.

DuPage County relies on a strong TDL workforce to ensure goods are transported from one location to another safely and on time.

In DuPage County, employers have a demand for reliable, hard-working individuals to fill many part-time and full-time TDL positions. Many of these jobs have low-level entry requirements.

In-Demand Jobs

We have identified 4 high-demand jobs with available training programs in the TDL field.



You would like to work at our company because

The health care benefits are amazing. You get paid to work out and the advancement opportunities in the US and globally are abundant.

Career Pathways at UPS in Addison:


  • In the next year, we expect to hire 500 part-time and full-time employees 
  • To get that job, you typically do not need an education
  • Our best package handlers have this in common: great attendance, sense of urgency and follow the methods to remain safe and productive
  • Package Handler
    From this position, you could pursue a career as a
    • Package Car driver
    • Tractor Trailer Driver
    • FT loader / Unloader
    • PT or FT Manager

Location:  Addison, IL

# of employees:  1500

Fun fact:  UPS was first the "the American Messenger Company." It was founded in August 1907 by two teenagers with $100 in borrowed start-up funds and a bicycle.

At UPS in Addison, we have our sales team, employment team, industrial engineering, plant engineering, technical support, package car drivers, tractor trailer drivers, PT and FT management and our hourly employees.