Posted 1 month ago

CNC Machinist 1 Operator (Swiss/Lathe)

Company: MedTorque
Category: Manufacturing


Type: Full Time

MedTorque is seeking a CNC Machinist to join their team. Essential Duties:
• Safely runs, operates and occasionally troubleshoots Swiss machines.
• Changes tools/filters; replaces broken tools; loads/unloads parts/raw materials.
• Adds coolants/lubes to machines and checks their levels.
• Responsible for quality of production.
• Inspects the finished product (visual/dimensional) and handles the products with care.
• Performs non-CNC tasks when necessary: non-CNC equipment operation, handwork (deburring, buffing).
• Performs basic daily machine preventive maintenance.
• Helps in other areas/departments when the workload is slow in the designated department.
• Maintains safe operations by adhering to safety procedures and regulations.
• Responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the work area at all times.
• Helps reduce scrap, cost, time.
• Maintains professional work environment/communication within all levels of the organization.
• Reliable, timely and consistent attendance.