Posted 4 weeks ago

Fleet Service Agent

Company: American Airlines
Category: Technician


Type: Full Time

American Airlines is hiring Fleet Service Agents. Fleet Service Clerks perform the handling of items on and off aircraft, carts, containers, and trucks; transporting items between terminals and aircraft; receiving, delivering, weighing and documenting of cargo in a cargo specific facility (warehouse) or a loading dock area. The terms and conditions of this position are covered by the Transport Workers Union (TWU) Collective Bargaining Agreement. This position offers benefits including travel perks. What you will be doing: 

  • Move baggage and cargo of various weights to and from aircraft.
  •  Drive and operate belt loaders.
  •  Service aircraft at gates with ground power and air conditioning.
  •  Tow and pushback aircraft from gates.
  •  Service aircraft lavatories and water ports.
  •  Clean interior of aircraft when needed.
  •  Position beverage and luggage carts around the ramp area.
  •  Works outdoors in various weather conditions.
  •  Work shifts that include irregular and/or extended hours, weekends and holidays.