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Kitchen Assistant

Company: Educare West DuPage
Category: Other Occupations

 West Chicago

Type: Full Time

The Kitchen Assistant is responsible for serving the children nutritious, good tasting, appealing meals and snacks under the general supervision of the Director of Finance and Administration and with the guidance from the contracted caterer. This position helps in the preparation of these meals and snacks and delivers meals and snacks to each room ready for family style meal service and suitable for the children’s age and development by performing the following duties.

  • Participate in trainings to build an understanding of the Educare Model of early learning programming and Food Service related trainings.
  • Attend staff training and meetings, and parent meetings as requested.
  • Limited preparation of meals for all children in the building and staff.
  • Maintain all kitchen equipment, utensils, and storage, food preparation and serving carts to maintain the required sanitary conditions.
  • Serve the food and beverage items meeting the mandated requirements and/or projected meal requirements.
  • Inspect food items and/or supplies for the purpose of verifying quantity and specifications of orders and/or complying with daily menus and mandated health standards.
  • Conduct the daily health and environmental checklist.
  • Prepare and communicate the shopping list per the menu or allergy needs of children that are mandated by health standards at the beginning of the week.
  • Print the menus for the classrooms and modify any changes.
  • Prepare the weekly milk order and call it in to the vendor.
  • Maintain the inventory of food, condiments, supplies, baby food, baby formula, nursery water, and baby cereal.
  • Wash all dishes from all meals.
  • Serve the correct portion of food for each meal and prepare the carts for the classrooms for each meal.
  • Clean and put away all dishes for the next school day.
  • Follow guidelines in the employee handbook, positive guidance, and code of conduct.