Posted 4 weeks ago

Production Control Lead

Company: OMG Inc
Category: Manufacturing


Type: Full Time

OMG has a Production Control Lead position open. The Production Control Lead uses customer demand to drive the flow of assigned product lines from supply chain through to distribution. Reporting to the Operations Manager, or a Service Delivery Manager, this key position utilizes strong pull through and Kanban management to ensure on-time product delivery, and continuous improvement tools to respond when delivery falls short of goals. The Production Control Lead plays a critical role in how work flows across our Kanban boards and takes the lead on inventory management to ensure volume meets demand. Key to success in this role is an excellent understanding of Kanban and lean tools capable of improving delivery and reducing missed fill rates. The Production Control Lead must possess strong communication, cross functional teamwork and collaboration, and change management skills to be effective. Responsibilities:

  • Promote Safety as the Number One Priority of all OMG employees.
  • Utilize True North Business Metrics to drive Operations Excellence.
  • Set Kanban levels using the Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning (SIOP) process, coordinating on-time delivery of product to the customer.
  • Improve the efficiency of workflow across the Kanban boards as a means of meeting delivery expectations.
  • Regularly check Kanban boards and ensure that work items are not blocked.
  • If tasks are delayed more than expected, address the topic with its owner and offer help in resolving problems.
  • Maintain current understanding orders, inventory and potential delivery misses.
  • Communicate delays on key orders or orders for key customers.
  • Make sure policies and processes related to Kanban and workflow are followed by team members.
  • Facilitate change and continuous improvement activities as necessary to address issues with workflow (identify best practices in the industry).
  • Utilize data from Kanban boards as the basis for communication and issue resolution.
  • Push “5 Why” and other countermeasure tools until root causes are identified.
  • Support production planning utilizing data from Kanban system and SIOP.
  • Support distribution to maintain optimal inventory levels.
  • Actively participate in GEMBA.